Lounge Concrete Floor Polished

With an upcoming soft opening to host all the media in town for the Super Bowl, the small business owners needed dramatic...


The economic success of a lounge can take a hit with concrete floors that look dirty or unwelcoming. The floors in this downtown Houston bar were in need of some professional attention. With an upcoming soft opening to host all the media in town for the Super Bowl, the owners of this small business were in a real time crunch. We assured them we could complete the job in a timely manner and achieve dramatic results.


Since time was a major factor in this job, we decided to use our fastest, yet highly effective polishing methods. First, we masked and protected the walls and surfaces around our work area, and then set to work grinding the concrete with 50 grit resin diamond pads mounted on our powerful floor machine. This step removed any surface damage and gave us a clean slate in preparation for polishing. The next step was to clean the concrete using a special brush attachment.

We applied a densifying compound to prevent dusting of the concrete over time, and then polished the surface using progressively finer grits. To decrease the porosity of the concrete, which would enable the concrete to resist moisture and abrasive damage, we applied a penetrating lithium silicate. This substance caused a chemical reaction in the concrete that actually increased its hardness, promoting a cleaner, more healthy environment for patrons.

Our final step was to finish the floor with a high speed buffer to enhance the beautiful, reflective polish you see in these images.

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