Concrete Coatings


Why use Cutting Edge Flooring Services for Concrete Coatings?

Concrete is the “go to” foundation for floors in basements and garages, manufacturing and processing plants, and large commercial warehouses. It is a material durable enough to stand up to heavy traffic, abrasion, chemical and moisture exposure. But concrete slabs are not indestructible. Because concrete, by nature, is a porous material, untreated concrete surfaces without some type of concrete coating will break down from repeated traffic and chemical exposure. A good protective coating gives concrete the protection from constant wear, serves as a design element, simplifies maintenance and improves skid resistance. Count on the experience of Cutting Edge Flooring Services to capably install protective concrete coatings for your concrete restoration project.

Types of Concrete Coating Systems

We are experienced in the installation of many concrete coating systems. After evaluating your concrete surface conditions and the type of traffic the surface will be exposed to, Cutting Edge Flooring Services can install one of the following concrete coating systems:

Self-leveling overlay systems for concrete floors can correct uneven floors, repair damaged concrete, and provide a smooth, durable surface for decorative treatments. These polymer-modified products are flowable and have the ability to self-level without troweling, making them an excellent solution for smoothing and leveling worn or uneven concrete.

Sprayable concrete coatings offer a versatile array of finish options and are easy to apply. This system is generally applied evenly onto concrete with an air-powered hopper gun, but can also be applied to create a textured, slip-resistant surface for concrete pool decks and patios. They are also a good option for high-traffic interior floors because of their durability and ease of application.

Polishable Concrete Overlays are an excellent solution for high-profile retail and commercial floors because of their ease of maintenance and beautiful high-gloss finish. Polished concrete overlays can be used to cover problem floors and achieve a perfectly smooth, seam-free surface. Cutting Edge Concrete specializes in polished concrete floors.

Epoxy coatings are excellent for multi-colored designs and chemical resistance. Epoxy coatings can be pigmented, or colored with aggregates, (which can include anything from chips of marble or granite, recycled glass, plastic flakes) and various synthetic materials. A finished epoxy floor provides chemical resistance, great compressive strengths, and flexibility when compared to cement-based systems.

Terrazzo floorings. Cement-based terrazzo is one of the oldest, yet durable types of decorative flooring systems. This floor coating system is made by embedding small pieces of marble or granite in the mortar, applying the mortar, allowing it to cure and then coming back and grinding/polishing the surface down to an even, glossy layer.

Quartz flooring systems are deal for industrial and high traffic areas as well as residential concrete floors. Seamless quartz flooring systems are made up of 100% solids epoxy, a quartz aggregate and a chemical/wear resistant urethane topcoat. Single broadcast quartz floors first need to be prepped and primed with a penetrating primer coat. A binder resin is then applied and the quartz sand is broadcast by hand into the resin. A single coat of colored quartz aggregate is broadcast into the epoxy coating. Once the resin and quartz material has cured, a clear topcoat is applied, providing a long-lasting maintenance-free floor. Many quartz epoxy floor applications are “double-broadcast”, which involves a second application of a binder and quartz aggregate before the floor is sealed. Finished seamless floors are easy to maintain and clean, durable and slip resistant.

Polyaspartic coatings are a polymer coating material known for rapid cure times and their ability to be installed in a varied surface temperature range (-30°F to 140°F). Polyaspartics are also very UV stable, provide UV protection to underlying coatings and surfaces, and have high abrasion and chemical resistance. Polyaspartic coatings are typically applied to protect concrete floor from spills, chemicals, and continuous foot and wheeled traffic. They are suitable in residential garage floor installations or commercial and industrial locations such as supermarkets, medical facilities, automotive maintenance, fast food restaurants, retail facilities, auto showrooms, warehouses and other concrete slabs subject to heavy use.

Advantages of Polyaspartics
  • Polyaspartic coatings offer many advantages including rapid cure time, one coat applications for variable thicknesses, a greater abrasion and impact resistance than epoxy or urethane coatings, installation at high or low temperatures, excellent bonding characteristics, UV stability and minimal maintenance routines.
  • Polyaspartic coatings offer very low odor installation, low to zero VOC contribution and minimal disturbance to daily routines in occupied businesses such as medical facilities. Depending upon floor size and site conditions, installation and full cure can often be achieved in just one day.
  • Polyaspartic coatings offer a multitude of floor options and can be used in customized decorative finishes as a topcoat or in various multi-coat systems. Polyaspartic systems may be tinted with special colorants or decorative colored chips or colored quartz blends may be employed to create a variety of designs to enhance a commercial or residential floor. Colored vinyl chips or flakes are often used for decorative purposes and are broadcast into the wet epoxy layer to achieve color patterns or the appearance of a “terrazzo-like” look in the floor. These vinyl color chips are available in solid colors, mixed complimentary colors, metallic and sparkle look, and even fluorescent and glow in the dark! Slip resistance materials can also be broadcast into the coating to provide an anti-slip, traffic bearing coating.
  • Polyurethane Coatings are highly flexible floor coatings that are resistant to abrasion, UV damage and many chemicals such as organic acids and alkalis, fuel and hydraulic oils, and solvents. Though they are high solids content, a polyurethane coating is only about 2 to 3 mils thick, offering a thin, durable, abrasion resistant floor coating.
  • Polyurethane floors have greater flexibility and more abrasion resistance than epoxies. And, like polyaspartic floor systems, polyurethane floors are U.V. stable- preventing the typical yellowing that is common in regular epoxy floors when exposed to constant sunlight. Polyurethanes may be applied as clear coats or with color additives introduced into the wet application layer. Color vinyl chips/flakes may also be broadcast into polyurethane systems and sealed with a follow-up clear coat.

Cutting Edge Flooring Services, based in Houston, Texas, is a professional company specializing in the cleaning, polishing, staining, and overlays of concrete surfaces. With over 20 years’ experience in the concrete restoration industry we concentrate on giving 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Count on us for your next concrete coatings project. We will assist you in selecting the proper concrete coating.

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