Terrazzo Repair, Honing & Polishing

Terrazzo is a unique surface, primarily found as flooring, that traditionally contains marble chips of different sizes and colors held together with a cement base or, in newer applications, with a resin or epoxy base. Aggregates other than marble may also be used. It is often the practice to wax terrazzo to achieve shine, but waxes turn yellow and collect dirt over time and therefore must be repeatedly stripped and reapplied. This process is not only time-consuming and costly, but also unnecessary. With our professional terrazzo services, we can give your terrazzo floors a natural polish that eliminates the need for stripping and waxing.
Honing & Polishing
Using the same process as that of marble and other natural stone restoration, terrazzo can be honed and polished to achieve both glossy and matte finishes without the need for coatings. This same process masterfully restores scratched and worn terrazzo, as well, dramatically improving its appearance.
It is important to note that sealing is not the same as coating or waxing and is an important but simple measure that can be taken to help inhibit staining once the terrazzo has been restored and thoroughly cleaned.
Crack & Chip Repair
Like any other surface that sees traffic and use, terrazzo can become chipped and cracked. Our technicians are able to repair this type of damage, blending the repair site as closely as possible with the surrounding terrazzo.
High Performance Coatings
In some situations, coating terrazzo may be preferable to polishing. We offer high-performance coatings that are EPA compliant, low VOC coatings, that won’t trap dirt or turn yellow. Our coating system increases slip resistance and has antimicrobial properties to reduce the risk of secondary infection, so it’s great for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, gyms and more. With this coating, your terrazzo will not only look better and last longer, but become easier to maintain — which means you’ll save time and money in maintenance costs.
What You Should Know…
At Cutting Edge Flooring Services, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your floors and recommend cleaning products that are safe for day to day care of your terrazzo. We also provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program, upon request. Commercial clients, visit our Industrial and Specialty Coatings page to learn more about our high performance coatings.
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